Sunday, December 25, 2011

life is good:)

confession. i enjoy a good blog. and to be honest with you i have read and browsed friends blogs a little bit envious of the cute family lives they are living. so you better believe that when the stars finally aligned for this girl...a blog would be born as well.  so here we go. this is our story. our lives are just normal, not nearly exciting enough to fill the pages of a blog (which is actually a blessing) but we are excited to experience the boring and the exciting together. the everyday simple joys, and the big celebrations. the ups and downs. the tears and the matter what happens in our journey we feel completely blessed we get to spend it side by side. and why not blog about it along the way.  here we go. 

the (almost) lowrys.

(August 26, 2011-happily engaged. perfect proposal from the perfect man)