Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Polka dot attack

My last day in London I stumbled upon this beautiful polka dot fabric and fell in love. 

 Its not hard for me to fall in love with polka dots anyways but this was just screaming my name.  So even though our bags were packed to the max somehow someway we managed to get this treasure home.  AND it was totally worth it.

I had it set in my mind that I wanted an entire outfit out of this polka dot piece.  But I was inspired by all the print on print combos that I saw in London.  So instead of doing a dress I opted for a skirt and shirt polka dot duo.  And who doesn't love a little black velvet collar?  I love how it turned out.  Its a pretty dramatic outfit when worn together, but I love that I can wear each piece separate for a more casual look. Ohhh I love thee.  

My hubby got a new camera (after selling off half our furniture!) so he has been so sweet to photograph my sewing these last few weeks!  I think he's a natural!  I have to say we had some pretty hilarious moments trying to capture some of these pics!  Its a little awkward walking around a park while having someone snap photos of you! But I love that Cameron gets just as excited about my designs as I do.  And finally.. finally we can say goodbye to those blurry iphone photos. 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Memory Lane

Almost a year ago I was sitting in a testing center taking one of the most difficult and technical tests I have had to take thus far in my life.  I had prepared months for that exam and had used just about every technical part of my brain trying to pass that 5 hour test.  So when I walked out of the testing center that day I gladly handed over my study materials and traded them in for scissors.  I craved to fill my free time with something creative for a change.  A few years earlier in college I had taken a sewing class (apparel sewing class) and remembered that I really enjoyed the design and creativity it forced me to have.  So I headed off to Joannes found some discount fabric and a 99 cent pattern and went home to dust off my pretty Elna sewing machine. I turned on old episodes of Project Runway-as if their skill and creativity would somehow overflow into my living room-and I made myself a dress.  

Somehow I remembered how to mark my patterns, cut fabric, sew side seams, and insert a sleeve.  My husband had no idea I even had a sewing machine, let alone that I knew how to sew.  So needless to say he was pretty shocked when I told him I was making myself a dress to wear to church.  And even more shocked that the dress I made was actually wearable.  

I love looking back at the past year and seeing how my skills have changed and grown.  Notice my first dress has no zipper, no darts, no pleats, no gathers!  Boy have I come a long way (I hope!).

Since that time I have sewn countless dresses, skirts, shirts, and even a pair of pants.  I have sewn vests, pockets for t-shirts, oven mitts, evening dresses, baptismal dresses, graduation dresses. I have hemmed pants, fixed holes, drawn designs, and fabric shopped in just about every fabric store in the south (and in NYC and London).  All for a love that I didn't even know I had a year ago.  So here it is.. a year of sewing in IPhone pictures.....

The first of many vests that were made and sold!

Apparently I was into animal print this year!  Loved our halloween costumes!

Made this dress to wear to my beautiful friend's wedding shower!

Loved how the teal exposed zipper turned out!

another leopard print......

Definitely my favorite dress to date.  It was a difficult one to put together but I love how this turned out!

This is the only pic I have gotten of this dress!!  This was at a another friends bridal shower.  Not my favorite dress but I definitely learned a lot in the process of making it!

Made this for my sweet sister in law for her Christmas!

I wanted to make something different.. and yep this def turned out different!!

Ok maybe I didn't sew this outfit but we spent a lot of time getting that tape to look just right! Not easy but completely worth it:)

Still crying over this one:(  My gorgeous peplum got eaten by the iron!  A lesson learned for sure. 

First trade show and it was a success! Sold almost every single vest!

Mmmm... wishing I could cozy up in this RIGHT now!  

Another hit at the trade show.  I sold completely out of these oven mitts!

Prom dress for Samantha!  Isn't she GORG!!

dress to wear to my brothers graduation

playing with fabrics.  Got this fabric from NYC.  

DEF one of my favorite dresses! I died at that pink and tan ombre! And of course every dress looks amazing on Mckenna!

My Easter dress this year!

Pretty Lauren's Baptismal dress

Bailey's graduation dress

Rachel's birthday dress!

Kind of made up this pattern and I ended up loving it!  I will def be making more of this skirt!

Stripe dress for London!

Dyed, cut and sewn.  Love this skirt.  

What a year of sewing it has been.  I have so many pieces in my closet that I am proud of-I rarely every go clothes shopping anymore!! And of course it has been so much fun working with several different clients to create dresses that are completely custom to them!  It is one of my favorite parts of sewing.  

 This past year was a great time for me to learn the basics of constructing several different pieces of clothing.  But this next year I want to shift my focus a bit.  My goal is to spend more time on each piece I create making it more tailored, more detailed, and more unique.  I may not be able to create as many pieces, but I want to learn couture techniques that really set my clothing apart.  I am taking a few classes on and I just got the book Couture Sewing Techniques to help me in this process. I cannot wait to show you some of the designs and looks that I am currently creating!  This year I also hope to blog more about my experience...including some tutorials for those beginner sewers out there (believe me you can do it!!) So keep me updated on what you want to learn and what you want to see!  Feel free to leave comments and let me know if you have any tips for improvement!! I am always looking for constructive criticism and input!  




Monday, August 5, 2013

Simply Beautiful.

A few days ago at work I called a patient back to be seen in clinic.  When I opened the waiting room door there laid on a stretcher a beautiful elderly woman with a bright tshirt and painted nails.  Next to her was her husband, sitting in his wheelchair close to her side.  And his son stood next to them both. The whole family came back to the room with me, and the son preceded to tell me that he wanted to keep them close together. His mother had recently been put in a nursing home, and since then the two lovebirds haven't been able to see much of each other.  As we got into the room my sweet patient looked to her side and held out her hand to her husband.  When he grabbed her hand she said in the most sweet voice, "I sure love you".  His eyes began to water as he said I love you back, and took out a folder filled with old pictures to show his precious bride.  

I am grateful to that sweet family for teaching me that sometimes life doesn't need to be complicated.  That the sweetest moments are filled with simple words and precious people.