Monday, May 7, 2012

the whirlwind..

goodness how do you even blog about such a dream come true.  the last few months have been a whirlwind.  words seem to fail me when i try to explain the perfect-ness of the events cameron and i experienced.  it seems like so many details have been on my mind since august 26th when cam first proposed.  and when the week of the wedding came knocking at our door details didn't seem to matter at all. i just wanted to marry my love.

more family than expected flew all the way to our paradise (nashville) to join in on the festivities.  we kicked off the celebration with a "love is sweet" party hosted by the critchlows.  divine is the word that comes to mind when I think about the delicious desserts we enjoyed and the beautiful company that surrounded us.  the next day the ladies took over a nail salon (and when I say we took it over i mean we owned that place for a few hours...yummy food..30 girlies getting nails done...and dave barnes playing in the background.. yah we owned it:) while the men did what men do best.  They drove nice cars and ate great food. The morning activies transformed in to a night of cowboy boots, cowboy hats, southern drawls, and wrangler jeans.  we ate a dinner at franklin mercantile where the mashed potatoes are still being talked about throughout the hills of tennessee and the mountains of utah.  and close friends sang tunes that should be played on the radio.  we were blessed to have several friends and family members stand up in front of the crowd to give the two of us advice, express their love, and of course warn us of eachothers embarrassing stories. the night was beautiful.

i expected to awake the next day full of jitters.  but instead i awoke full of peace, grateful that life had brought me to this moment.  at one point in life i was that little 8 year old girl dressing up in wedding dresses.  i was the teenager that dreamed about what real love was. i was the twenty year old that planned wedding color paletes, and the college senior frusterated with relationships and wondering if marriage would happen for me.  and in that moment, every piece of those years had fallen into place. and on february 18th, i remember thinking... i can't believe i ever doubted that my love, Cameron Dan Lowry, existed.

i felt like a celebrity sitting in my moms bathroom with friends and family gathered around as a professional artist curled my hair and put on my makeup.  i'll never forget my youngest brother walking into the room after the process was done while saying "wow brooke, you look legit".

cameron picked me up from the house, thank goodness.  i hadnt seen much of him that week and it was a relief to be whisked away in his car and contemplate the days events with my love. 

the temple ceremony was beautiful.  imagine a white and gold room filled with your closest family and friends in a ceremony that is untouched by movies...too sacred to be displayed across pictures or in magazines, free from any ounce of defilement that commercialism and popularity most often bring. i loved that about the temple.  it was truly special, more pure than i ever imagined..and will remain sacred and beautiful to me for the eternities.

after the temple ceremony the wedding festivities were in full order.  pictures with the fam, hundreds-if not thousands of congratulations, and hugs hugs hugs from nearly everyone i love.  life truly is funny how it works.. i have planned my wedding since the day i could talk basically. from colors to flowers to traditions..even down to the music.  and one of the most special moments of the entire day was one that was completely spontaneous.  it was a moment neither cameron nor I will ever forget.  a memory we will get to share between just us forever and ever.

when we got to the loveless barn's parking lot we sat in the car and watched as our guests arrived at the barn.  it was a little surreal seeing our friends and family walk into an event that was for us!  such a flattering and humbling experience. i leaned over to cameron and reminded him that we had to always remember that moment! when we are frusterated with eachother, tired from work/school/life.. remember how special this moment is and maybe it will help us go on.  and with that we opened the car door and began life as "the Lowrys". 

the reception is a bit of a blur. i remember walking into the party as our name was announced with my mouth wide open. i couldnt believe how beautifully everything had turned out. i couldnt believe how many people were on their feet clapping for us. i could not believe so many people had actually come for us.  i remember sliding during our first dance because i kept stepping on the beading on my dress.. and cameron kept telling me oh you've got this your amazing.

i remember giving hugs to so many people. feeling so grateful for their presence.  i remember breaking it down on the dance floor with all my friends.. and my incredibley amazing dancer of a husband.  i remember looking at my mom and both of us saying wow can't believe it all turned out so perfectly. i remember crying while i danced with my dad, then laughing hysterically at a few jokes we shared together on that dance floor. i remember cameron forcing me to eat
because he was so nervous i was going to pass out with so much excitement ha. 

i remember at the end of the night while everyone went outside to start lighting the sparklers i got to catch another perfect moment with my husband. the two of us stood in the middle of the empty reception hall hand in hand. both of us were a bit awestruck at how perfectly everything had turned how quickly it had passed...but grateful that the best part was the future we had ahead. 

Cam grabbed my hand and we passed through the lines of friends and family holding their sparklers and in the beautiful red porsche and we were off.

that is how our lives began.  it was a perfect moment. a perfect day. a perfect beginning. but it has been followed by some of the most fullfilling weeks either of us have experienced. thank you for sharing those moments with us. we are thrilled to experience all that life has to offer together. 

the lowrys