Monday, December 9, 2013

Sewing Ugly

We take Christmas very very seriously!  As you can tell..

 We had an ugly sweater Christmas party last weekend and I had the hardest time finding an ugly sweater!  Who knew it could be so hard to find tacky clothing!  So an hour before the party started I had the crazy idea that I would just make us some.  I used old black t-shirts that we had already had, colored felt and trim from hobby lobby.. and there you have it.. Ugly Christmas sweaters to be worn for years!!

Car salesman or Christmas enthusiast?  We'll never know......
Just had to add this picture in..Cameron is obsessed with his Christmas blazer.  He is only allowed to wear it in December or for Valentines day.. and that man NEVER EVER forgets to bring it out the very first day of the month!  So Merry Christmas from this guy!


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